If you're suffering from a white coated tongue, you are not the only one. This is a relatively prevalent issue that effects millions of people around the world. However, a white coated tongue can be present for one of a few feasible reasons.

One reason for a white coated tongue is something known as Candida. This is a yeast on your tongue that usually results from using some kinds of prescription drugs or medications with steroids present. If you have recently taken anything of the type, chances are your tongue is white for this reason. See it as a temporary infection of the tongue. This condition is medically recognized as oral thrush.

One more viable reason for a white coated tongue is simply dead skin. Your tongue is covered with skin, like any other feature on your body, and sometimes the dead skin on your tongue accumulates to the point where it's noticeably white. One common cause of this is dryness, so drink some more glasses of water regularly if you suppose there's a chance that this might be the reason for your white coated tongue.

The easiest way to cure a white tongue is through the utilization of a tongue scraper. By utilizing a tongue scraper several times per week, you'll have the ability to gently remove what's most likely dead skin cells on your tongue, restoring your tongue back to its natural shade.

If you see extra red on your tongue after getting rid of the white with a tongue scraper, there is a decent chance that the white coated tongue relates to the fungus referenced previously in this article. If this is what you're observing, you should look for the assistance of a doctor to deal with the condition for you.

Obviously, ingesting more water every day may rid you of the problem altogether. The end result is that while it can look somewhat weird, it's by and large not much to agonize about. Find yourself a cheap tongue scraper and you'll have a quick, inexpensive form of therapy for your white tongue.

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